Arnold Lising

Arnold Lising showed up at Fitness First in the named Manila location in August of 2013 out of nowhere and also got in my way and in my face to talk about training for running. He largely muscled me into doing a training program with him as I had walked away and turned away from the other trainer at the other location Megamall where Heman James Ines unprofessionalism, perversions and thugging caused an abrupt termination and since I smelled the management had involvement with all the boxing rink nonsense at that location, I avoided the location altogether. The training sessions degraded into various maneuvers designed to strengthen the legs and core but mostly for boxing by using overlap schemes where of course it would help for running but the agility or maneuverability was over emphasized and nothing like a traditional running coach would use. Endless actors would show up with boxing bags and equipment and do boxing training right in my way or nearby who were buddies of the trainer and staging mafia style drama for him. When I started to tustle with various mafia thugs who would make various nonsense and drama, immediately Arnold Lising would call on the telephone to talk about something, showing that he was very carefully trying to cover for his mafia and already conducting surveillance to that end. He had overdeveloped muscles almost certainly from use of steroids and illegal substances. He had a wife who was also a personal trainer and he seemed to have a very childish relationship with her. He spent a lot of time travelling in Singapore and other Asian countries showing he had money, something unusual, and likely his wife had Chinese blood and connections through casinos there. The murky links all came forth slowly. He started calling me "Greggy" out of nowhere one time and the training ended shortly after when I had a 100 kilometer race and abruptly knew it was time to stop running before the mafia concocted some sort of injury as I was largely unsafe in these events depending only on these sports syndicates.
The backup boxing trainer and apparent police bouncer criminal Filipino stalker Arnold Lising showed up mysteriously at Fitness First and immediately approached and offered to do training for running. Though after wasting money, immediately every session was filled with dozens of idiots who were doing boxing and constantly on the sidelines and getting in the way with other trainers holding boxing mits which was uncommon and unusual but became the norm. On at least 3 occassions he mentioned boxing saying pretending to make joking references but it became apparent he was another stalker in a boxing racket claiming that “boxers work out really hard everyday” and “are you ready to do some boxing” and “it’s not like we’re doing boxing” and nonsense like this. I realized he had no interest in anything else and all routines he showed me were ones designed to do lower body strength meant for boxing and not actually directly for running as he basically looked for maximum overlap.
Evidence points that the Philippines NBI may employ him and likely he had police training as the Philippines model is usually to have a criminal like the boxing trainer with a bodyguard. The huge arm muscles and personality and attitude show that he was the trainer’s bodyguard and anyone who knows anything about boxing can understand that a lot of boxing trainers are doing a dangerous slavery scam and would need a protection detail along with having a backup trainer in case problems occurred who would tend to attempt to play a the voice of reason while the primary trainer would be more of a tough guy and thug. The Philippines has one of the most publicly exposed corrupt governments in the world and it would be hardly surprising that him and the other trainer are both involved in the government. The whole country is full of boxing and sports rackets and slavery based on it including the famed “elephant slavery”. Many retired FBI and CIA personnel lurk there as well trying to make some money and a large amount of US military are there making it mostly a US military dictatorship experiment. I witnessed people who were obviously part of the Clinton mafia there screaming at immigration officers when getting visa extensions at the immigration office which normally would get someone deported but instead they got scared of these “retired” agents. It is easy to blame the Filipino’s for the criminal and crooked culture that has manifested, but the truth is far deeper: the military dictatorship requires that the average person is a lazy criminal looking to make money with little work and the easy way. Thus the whole country is one where hard work is not rewarded and worse degraded but laziness and criminality makes one advanced fast. It is a form of extreme imperialism.

Further investigation of this stalker, criminal Filipino Arnold Lising shows him to actually be an employed agent of the Philippines NBI which was mostly a mafia defense organization. The more I find out about that country, the more one sees it is nothing more than a US military dictatorship with power thugs they gave authority to using a series of mafias to enslave the whole place in one of the worst slaveries on the planet. The bizarre behavior of this backup boxing, and the obviousness that any backup boxing trainer would be a police agent is pretty obvious. This guy is nothing more than an undercover criminal being given an official state sanctioning. The Philippines constantly do illegal activities from drugs to prostitution to boxing, using a primary mob boss, and a secondary undercover police officer. I witnessed it in Malaysia where Filipino police would escort prostitutes around and force them to work in criminal businesses. It all adds up that the fallback backup boxing trainer would certainly be hiding behind a government police immunity in his own country. Not much more to discover about this criminal. His real job is to keep the mob boss pervert stalker Filipino criminal Heman James Ines safe and protected from getting in trouble. But occasionally the mob boss gets tired and this one takes command of being the primary perpetrator. The models and schemes are falling apart and I will do my best to expose thugs like this every step of the way. May Allah bring guidance to or justice against this coward thug, his gang of mobsters and those protecting him on US military spy satellite who were classmates including dropouts from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio who are committing treason with top secret security clearances.
The CIAs backup boxing trainer criminal stalker Arnold Lising continues being identified as one of the primary perpetrators stalking me from the room below and sleep assaulting me ripping out beard hair, tube feeding various drug and chemical laden substances into my stomach and injecting insulin, sleep raping and doing the typical things a pervert in a crime cult would do when being allowed to abuse military technology and conducting a stalking assault.  The crook stalked me since the short gym training which was basically a boxing harassment with constant nonsense of idiots doing boxing surrounding me and endless comments about boxing when pretending to train for running.  The crook was fired from the gym and left the Philippines with some of the other gym rats to stalk me internationally.  May Allah bring guidance to or justice against this coward thug, his gang of mobsters and those protecting, sheltering, aiding and abetting him on US military spy satellite who were classmates including dropouts from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio who continue committing treason with top secret security clearances and political favors from the Obama administration.
The CIAs backup boxing trainer criminal Filipino stalker Arnold Lising who is the alternate stalker besides their mob boss pervert Heman James Ines and apparently is still stalking me from the room below doing a lot of the feedings of chemicals, drugs and garbage disgusting things the crooks cook up all day. This criminal has stalked me for 3 years as well as boxing thugs never come alone but come with an entire mafia with this being the catcher and fall back trainer. It is... interesting to see right through the crime scheme going on in the Philippines. The sports billionaires from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio had extensive ties to the Philippines and boxing where Emeka Mbanefo had tried to tie me into a big mafia gym rat racket using his Turkish CIA front company TRIK to launder money. Again assaulted brutally while sleeping with beard hair ripped off my chin, and fed an excessive amount of chemical laden "pizza" like substance or something solid that caused such bad bloating I nearly fainted while I did my salt flush from the pain of trying to push it through the gut despite not consciously eating for 8 hours. Same perverts, same crimes, same protection of criminals via spy satellite and same fame racket. May Allah bring guidance to or justice against this coward criminal, his gang of mobsters and those protecting, sheltering, aiding and abetting him on US military spy satellite who were classmates including dropouts from the aforementioned blighted school.