Emeka Mbanefo

Chuwkueneka (Emeka) O. Mbanefo: I only remember being in one class with him around 1st or 2nd grade where he already learned to say stupid things like “your mommy, your daddy, your bald-headed granny sitting on the toilet with holes in her panties” and I remember very little of him from the school besides the stereotypical obsession with basketball and athletics and being close friends with Greg Guyuron who was a mansion dwelling multi-millionaire who became the coordinator of the boxing and wrestling syndicate as well as Arjun Vibhakar who became a doctor for the boxing syndicate. Emeka Mbanefo set up a front company through a series of CIA holding companies called TRIK (later TR!K) in Istanbul, Turkey where he used it to launder money to a boxing crime gang in the Philippines with a Pakistani handler in Malaysia starting the ploy. Emeka Mbanefo was their clown suit wearing boxing trainer and athlete mob financer. His specialty is “elephant slavery” involving routine and repeated sleep assaults involving feedings of chemical, drug and poison-laden “gravy” and “ice cream” substances that are concentrated, devastating to the mind and body and can cause brain damage over long term exposure. A mob boss of an international sports mob, strong connections to the US military and the Philippines boxing crime gang network. The Pakistani handler and two boxing thugs from the Philippines were both known to be funded by him. He is part of the CIAs “sports mob” and “black network” which seems to mostly consist of first and second generation African aristicrots and not African Americans who derive long cultural ties to the USA.
Emeka Mbanefo was yet another classmate who dropped out from syndicate spy-training University School who was quite close to billionaire mansion dwelling Greg Guyoron. Both were overly into sports but not for an activity or for spectating but for politics. The CIA uses sports as a large element of its control mechanism and a get rich quick scheme as it can manipulate the athletes lives with various mobs and syndicates. Despite being a Nigerian-American Christian, he moved to Turkey 7 months ago to work at a sports promoter called "TRIK" as a front for recruiting Muslim mafia to harass me and back up the boxing syndicate which is merely a part of his athletic mob. This is the criminal the CIA uses to expel people as force fattening, athlete mob full of drug dealers and other crooks is a top brain washing, neutralizing and good way to get rid of someone especially through boxing where the brain damage is all too easy to explain. This crook belongs dead or in jail. Notice how all too often the CIA crooks put a nice pretty picture of their front wives especially after I exposed the network for partaking in militant homosexual recruitment, the next day everyone of them has a wife and a nice photo on facebook. It is all to common even the fitness instructors in the Philippines took all their homosexual themed photos off of facebook and replaced them. As soon as you expose the perverts, they defensively react and simply try to label you as crazy. Not a complex formula.
Emeka Mbanefo (Chukwuemeka O. Mbanefo) actively supported, campaigned for and voted for Obama very likely: as his public registration: March 04, 2008 Primary Election Democrat Party
Emeka Mbanefo's father apparently had him sent to Turkey to do a few plants with some basketball nonsense which is laughable at his age with a business degree: http://www.bestakademi.net/lignews_single.php?do=18
And it looks pretty laughably fake like the crooked smirk on his face. Is he #8 or #10. Being a rich criminal is a joke to this thug. But this is how a criminal tries to pull a “daddy's boy” when things do not work out. And most of the loud sonic pelting and biotech feeding and sleep assaults are apparently Dr. Charles O. Mbanefo, the boxing nephrologists temper tantrum as I had noted some weeks ago. Emeka Mbanefo was known to be the favorite child of Dr. Charles O. Mbanefo with a personality involving excessive favoritism and sheltering hence describing it with a label of “daddy’s boy” as there was an odd excessive nurturing relationship to design him to be exactly who his father had planned him to be.
It looks like there are arrest records on file for an incident some years back likely the spy style entrapment used by the CIA and FBI to force people into various syndicates and mafias. One of his friends Christopher Terwood who also worked outside the USA for a sports company in the UK also had an arrest record on file from some years back.
Christian Nigerian Emeka Mbanefo
Project Manager at TRIK: http://trik.com.tr/index.php?s=team&req=kisi_goster&PersonId=18
His Turkish (likely apostate) wife
And like any good legacy, his father rubber stamped him through an internship at the Cleveland Clinic which has a lot of ties to Case Western Reserve University:
https://www.facebook.com/Temmuz062013 changed username to Temmuz062013 from embanefo which is a reference apparently to July 6, 2013 another spy style stupidity and his twitter to https://twitter.com/em88088 while crying to help from his sports mafia.
A top CIA abuser psychology: the daddy boy hate syndrome. Dr. Charles Mbanefo who ties into some of the top royal Nigerian lines and one of the most powerful aristocratic familes and now the boxing nephrologist was severely abused by his father Dr. Louis Mbanefo during his childhood involving sexual abuse and rape and such which caused him to disassociate and develop two personalities. The father nurtured him at other times though developing this dependency "daddy boy" relationship when he was Charles and when he was his alter personality let's call it "dirty Charlie" for lack of knowledge about such details, was always in a rage extremely hateful and vengeful and angry at the father for such disturbing and disgusting abuse but it created a motivation to take revenge and a burning desire for more wealth and success and fame and glory and such. And perhaps without knowing it, of Dr. Charles Mbanefo's 3 children, Emeka was the one who is the obvious favorite and serious "daddy boy" programming involved. The father who got involved in sports mafias, the Cleveland Clinics most powerful doctor mafia and the CIAs so-called "black network" which is mostly African aristocrats and not generational African Americans hence Obama being from Kenya. He abused his son severely so he split off a personality of "Heman" which was also the identity of a Filipino idiot whose identity he bought on a certain gym rat black market there and the CIA using sophisticated technology created a clown suit for him. It is pretty much a stunt practically out of the film "Fight Club" where his outlet unlike his fathers would be with sports mafias and sports mob focused to target a niche market involving an international boxing and wrestling crime syndicate. The abuse I experience is at the hands of a lunatic who is angry with the disgusting abuse from his father. Many people have already largely figured this out and hinted to me that he was raped by his father and the similarities to "Fight Club" and classic dis-associative nut job problems. And likely as his public Emeka Mbanefo identity he sees me as some former grade school classmate who is just nuts for attacking some innocent sports guy who loves his father. The perfect contradiction of these personalities tends to make integrating them a nightmarish mess to the point of impossibility. In fact with the worst case dis-associatives it is generally exactly 2 personalities like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which is literature alluding directly to these type of aristocratic abuse families where bizarre psychologies that pass down through generations occur with a hidden personality often not even realizing that it comes out and promulgates further abuse. So how to bring justice in this case? He should still be brought to justice and his dis-associative identity literally banished. Contradictions cannot be integrated in a stable way so in this case either you would have to spend years poke holes to find weaknesses that break the contradiction or you have to attempt to erase the criminal. But I would remind that a bunch of other criminals in the spy network from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio are allowing this to continue abusing top secret security clearances and US military spy satellites and having their own twisted CIA father designed criminal psychologies. To smash this crime racket requires smashing the whole thing. Instead they are keep this monster of a brain attached via satellite chains to stalk, assault and harass me. And apparently a lot of people do not like the Mbanefos and know they are a crooked family but most people are scared of these aristocrats and their money and their mafias. Investigation yielding more info by the day.