Ike Mbanefo

Emeka Mbanefo has a brother named Ike (Ikenna) C. Mbanefo who was handed a Vice President job at Barlays out of nowhere and a sister Obiamaka Nneka Mbanefo. Ike as he was called is on the left side of the photo.
He does not try to look like more than a thug. It is ironic that someone with this Facebook profile was catapulted by the spy system to being a vice president at Barclays a bank known for money laundering and corruption. They had him planted to be part of their boxing financing operation and its pretty clear. His connections on Facebook to having travelled to "Lagos, Nigeria" a small place that keeps coming up is clear. He seems to want to look African American despite that his boxing nephrologist father Dr. Charles O. Mbanefo is a first generation Nigerian American and they really have no genuine connection to the African American community beyond that their family was likely involved generations ago in the slave trade that landed people on plantations in America.