Julius Jury Domino

A prior fitness instructor at Fitness First Philippines who was one of the oldest, and claims to worked at a catering service though working full time as an instructor. He would mostly make signs to people he recognized like a thumbs up or other cool guy gestures but he has extensive mafia ties and connections being extremely integrated into an "elephany slavery" forced fattening mafia. Using biotech feeding weapons, and sleep assaults where tube feeding of disgusting drug laden and poisoning substances that are cooked up for hours on end. The threats from him came immediately after adding him on facebook and the perversions and drama and subtle threats have continued continuously for some years now. He was apparently fired from the gym and disappeared for months and years on end like the others.


One of the primary perpetrators Julius Jury Domino who was an "elephant slavery" promoter and pervert.

There is not much to say that cannot be seen here. I attended some BodyCombat classes at the gym and this resulted. Since I was one of the few non-Filipinos the posts on facebook were pretty obvious in what they were suggesting. He was a very senior long time instructor with quite a large network.