Piper Lynn Morrison

The CIAs concubine "FBI" lawyer criminal stalker Piper Lynn Morrison who showed up in Hungary in mid July when I arrived apparently getting a visa through her sister Paige Morrison who got a CIA front job in Germany some months back. She continues to be heard loudly barking threats and stupidities in one of the rooms above where she has been stalking and illegally occupying or some months now for the old boys crime network who were classmates including dropouts from elite all-boys syndicate spy-training University School in Shaker Heights and Hunting Valley, Ohio who chose to commit treason with top secret security clearances. Her raspy voice is quite distinctive and obvious along with her being discussed as being an FBI resource working for a corrupt FBI handler and hiding behind a top secret security clearance. The same old mafia-style stupidities and threats are endless being barked from her as well as a lot of stomping on the floor, furniture dragged on the floor above me, and other typical aggressive FBI harassment stalking tactics.
I knew this one from Lehigh University and had a 5 year relationship which abruptly terminated in late 2008 when I finally got her to move out. Nothing made sense in the relationship and she was constantly cheating though it was largely impossible to catch her and doing harassing nonsense around the house keeping it dirty or just usually being a nuisance behind my back. Things culminated when I found a phone bill of hers with a number, which was traced to the San Francisco FBI office. Apparently she began working for them secretly and was largely stalking and targeting me already. In her quest for power, she apparently became a militant homosexual recruiter, which in the San Francisco culture is not uncommon for those who go into the FBI as they get a sick perverted satisfaction out of these corruptions and making drama and abusing people. She is almost certainly partaking in the sleep assaults, poking needles into finger nails, callousing the heel or ripping out beard hair and so forth along cult perversions. They have labeled her a “witch” from birth however to be taking part in these various perversion rituals for the crime cult.
The FBI's "end and release" front law firm, "Zacks and Freedman" - Z Free and the spy style messages just continue to be cliché and stupid but its how this game works, has given Piper Lynn Morrison a cover job while she stalks me in Hungary, which claims to have employed her since last April when she may have begun stalking me in Bulgaria though I did not realize it outright until Hungary. http://www.zfplaw.com/About/Piper-L-Morrison.shtml
I want to see this criminal brought to justice as she is still stalking me and a silly FBI front company cannot cover this criminal after no information about her whereabouts for a person with a semi-public persona for 8 months.
The FBI apparently has their criminal stalkers spend around 3 month being "secondary perpetrators" in the background, monitoring, taking notes, spying illegally and just observing before moving them into being "primary perpetrators" who stalk, harass, sleep assault and partake in a lot of crimes and abuse. It would tend to make sense their crooked handlers would train their crooked agents in this manner as it would let them feel more professional about stalking people. Their stalker criminal Piper Lynn Morrison who outright was identifiably stalking me since I arrived in Hungary got a cover job out of nowhere in the last month from "Zacks and Freedman" an FBI "end and release" law firm, starting in April likely when she really began stalking me when I had to leave Turkey and was forced into Europe where the FBI feels free to stalk, harass and operate without being interfered with.

Piper Morrison has done only one semi-legitimate bit of lawyering in the last 10 years albeit she is almost certainly an Islamophobe and given her agenda to stalk me in Hungary to "delete his Islam" its not surprising: http://commissions.sfplanning.org/cpcpackets/2012.0397D.pdf
From: Piper Morrison
To: Young, Sharon (CPC)
Cc: jim@baconbaconsf.com; Piper Morrison
Subject: Support for Bacon Bacon
"I was thrilled to have another grocery store move in and even more thrilled to have Bacon Bacon move in." "Bacon Bacon has filled a need that has been unmet for so long."
"In addition, please inform me of the hearing date as I would like to attend in person.
I can be best reached by email at pipermorrison@gmail.com.

Piper Morrison
134B Downey Street"

Certainly willing to go far out of the way for this one. Though we know these businesses which cater to the gay agenda and Islamophobe agenda are supported by corrupt CIA and FBI agents unconditionally as a subversion and covert persecution tactic. However, in this case perhaps she was sleeping with the owner.