Rico Comia

Hindsight: Rico Comia was a pivotal part of the corruption with the BodyAttack mentorship at FitnessFirst. This idiot would bring Cheetos and bread and cakes and other things to class and inappropriately take them out during the middle of the classes and start giggling like a baby and showing them to his perverted mob friends. A typical form of instructor bullying, completely unprofessional and deserving loss of job, respect and any sort of power, FitnessFirst took no action against the crook. The first classes where I met him, he would always use a nasal homosexual recruitment voice to call me "baby" and did any number of homosexual recruitment stunts as did some of the other BodyAttack instructors before finally dropping the act and getting more serious. Les Mills purports to take a tough stance on bullying though it is hard to believe given that this instructor network at least in Southeast Asia is more of a perversion cult fronting for the mob than anything else. These fitness instructors are meant to do a performance but many did not have a problem with doing militant homosexual recruitment, fattening nonsense and other stupidities. I am ever so happy to have cancelled my Fitness First membership though it is time to document the crookedness and foul unprofessional and immature behavior that went on there without consequence. That Team Paquiao boxing syndicate thug trainer Heman James Ines continues to quietly motivate the crooks to come after me with harassment over fattening, muscles, endurance and other such nonsense is further telling of the criminal corruptness of Fitness First. More to come...

Rico Comia who needs to be carefully monitored latest post where he refers to a bunch of syndicate perverts doing homosexual recruitment as a "TEAM". I believe we call that a perversion "cult" in most sociology classes but idiots will rationalize their stance as they will.
The first time I witnessed this Rico Comia was in a BodyAttack class at the gym where he aimed immediate perverted focus on me and started calling me “baby”. At later points especially during the mentorship, he began bringing food into the classes and acting ironically like a baby constantly doing a bullying with it from cakes to bread roles to other food, and the militant homosexual recruitment and fattening perversion nonsense was intense and extreme from this one. He tried to change his attitude and silliness a bit when the head instructor YS Teoh left to run back to Malaysia but ultimately he was still at his core immature and perverted.
A good example of a stalker who is pretty unashamed to show his boredom of stalking someone who isn't involved with gym rats. The photos and such since he was fired from the gym show how these stalkers operate. This one was a militant homosexual recruitment and fattening perversion criminal coward.
A perceptive person pointed this out: Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and often others.